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... For yet another long hiatus in posting. I'm not sure why I let so much time go by between posts this time. Things are going well, no real issues. I guess I'm just lazy, but that's not news to me or anyone that knows me fairly well!

I really like my new job. It's still taking some getting-used-to. It's different working in an office with so few adjusters. Right now there are three other work comp adjusters besides me. I get the distinct impression that one of them doesn't like me and I don't know what to think about that. It's a lot harder to overlook in an office this small, but I'm trying not to dwell on it too much. It could very well just be me being oversensitive, especially since I'm the new kid on the block. I've been there right at three months, though, and this person still hasn't warmed-up to me. Oh well... I feel like it's her loss, not mine. Seems like everyone else in the office likes me fine... maybe she's jealous. She's not a particularly outgoing person anyway. I'll just continue to be cordial and friendly and let her be however she's going to be. The office is moving to a new location this weekend, about three miles from the old one. I don't know what the commute is going to be like because it's a different part of town. I haven't been able to time it during normal commute time... guess I'll find out Monday! I have to go in to the new office sometime Sunday afternoon to unpack my stuff and set up my cubicle. I'm hoping I can get in and out of there in about an hour, especially because I have to head over there after an overnight camping trip with the Girl Scouts tomorrow night. We're leaving for the camping trip about noon tomorrow, spending the night at the site then I'm leaving with Alexa and another girl right after lunch on Sunday. I have to drop the other girl off, run Alexa home then head to the office... I'm not even sure I'll have time to get a shower before going to the office-- yeeesh. Oh well, at least it's not outdoor camping... it's in a lodge, and if I get up early enough I can probably get a shower there before leaving. I'll take shower stuff just in case, just so I won't feel so icky. I made myself get a lot of sleep last night and I took a nap today to try to get ahead on my sleep, because I know I won't get much tomorrow night. It'll be fun, though. I always dread these trips with the girls but we always end up having a good time. I'm just such a creature of habit, I hate having my routine messed up. Still, I'd rather stay home, have my internet "Cops" date with Dougie, then snuggle with Thierry all night and Sunday morning... but it's not to be this weekend. Next weekend we'll probably go see my parents, it being Mother's Day.

My weight loss is at a dead standstill after dropping 90 pounds, and it's my own fault... I've turned into a carb/sugar fiend, and I'm not sure why. Sugar was never really my thing prior to surgery. I'm guessing it's my body's way of trying to get back the weight I've dropped since surgery... that whole "survival metabolism" thing. With my surgery carbs are absorbed more than anything else, so they're the surest way to stop my weight loss. I guess I'm just going to have to do the cold-turkey thing in stopping sugar... I can't have any in the house tempting me. That and stepping up the exercise should get me back on track. I'm still very pleased with how far I've come, but I definitely wanted to lose more weight than this. I've still got about another year in my window so I'd better get cracking... it's really not much time when I look at how fast the last year has gone by! So, has anyone out there found any exercise regimens or videos they enjoy? I just received Power90 but haven't started it yet. I'm always looking for other stuff, too, so I won't get bored. Any suggestions are appreciated!

Thierry and I started having date night every Wednesday. My ex comes over and spends the evening with Alexa so Thierry and I go out and do stuff. Usually it's dinner and a movie, sometimes with some shopping thrown in. Consequently, we've seen a lot of movies lately. This past week we saw "Kung Fu Hustle" which was great and totally worth the $8.50 apiece we paid for it... if you like action movies, this is one to see on the big screen! It was funny, too-- we both really liked it. It was considerably more enjoyable than "Sin City" which we saw the week before. I liked it more than Thierry did... he doesn't like anything that's too weird or "conceptual" or whatever you wanna call it. I kept reminding him "It's a comic book made into a film" but he was just totally annoyed with the whole thing. Of course it was over the top and ridiculous... but then so are comic books!! It was still pretty good, but if I had it to do over again I'd wait and see it at the $1.50 theater. We'll probably see "Millions" and "Hitchhiker's Guide" next. I really need to read "Hitchhiker's" again, though, but should probably wait until after the movie so I won't be disappointed. It's been... geeze, 25 years I think since I read it! Crap, I'm getting old, though I certainly don't feel that way in my head. I think I'll always feel about 22 in my mind!
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