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Wow... three months since my last entry. Sorry for the long absence-- life just keeps going and I get caught up in everything. Next thing I know it's three months later! Things have been pretty good for all of us. I'm certainly not going to write an exhaustive entry updating every aspect of my life, but I'll hit some highlights to bring anyone who's interested up-to-speed.

I'm still working at Amerisure and still happy I made the switch. More happy now even that the chick that didn't like me is gone. She got a job where she can work from home and left about a month ago. It's like a little dark cloud at work is gone! I did find out from one of the assistants that the chick apparently didn't like me because she felt like I am a know-it-all. Sorry if you're threatened by my experience, honey... I sure wasn't after yer crappy job. I came here to get out of having so much responsibility and I very much enjoy having my little desk with my little files, coming in and leaving on time each day and having a relatively manageable stress level. Good luck in your new job and believe me, you aren't missed by me or, really, anybody. We're glad your high-maintenance super-critical ass is gone.

Thierry is in Belgium right now, visiting his family. He's been gone almost two weeks and of course I miss him like crazy. He'll be coming home this Wednesday, though, and bringing his mom and grandma back with him. I'm looking forward to their visit because they've never traveled overseas before. We've got some fun things planned, and will be going up to Maryland towards the end of the month to see my sister and do the Washington, DC tourist thing. I wish we could make time for a trip to Asheville, but it was going to be too stressful so we decided not to do that this time.

We got a cat this summer, so I finally made good on my promises to Alexa. We adopted him from the local shelter and he's a great cat. His name is Felix and we figure he's a little over a year old. He's black and white and has the most beautiful glow-y green eyes. I'd post a picture but I don't think Thierry downloaded any to the computer yet. When he comes back I'll get him to do that. Felix is a lot of fun but he's not really a cuddly cat, which Alexa is having a bit of a hard time with-- she keeps wanting to pick him up and hold him and he doesn't like it much. Fortunately all he's done so far is yowl a bit and struggle to get down. We are constantly fussing at and lecturing Alexa about this, trying to make her understand that if she continues to do this he will NEVER let her hold him but she is being incredibly hard-headed about this. We've of course warned her that one day he'll resort to biting and scratching but I think she doesn't believe us. I guess she'll have to find out the hard way. He *is* affectionate, just not the way she wants him to be. I've really enjoyed having him around, though it makes me miss having a dog. I'll just have to get my dog fix at my parents' house.

Speaking of Alexa, she started middle school this year, and I think it was harder on me that it was on her. Worry wart that I am, I was so concerned about how she'd adjust to all of the changes. I did manage to keep all of that to myself and, of course, she adjusted fine. The biggest problem we've had so far is the damn bus, which is 10 minutes early one day and 30 minutes late the next. I've talked to the assistant principal about this and was told they're working hard on fixing this problem, but I've seen no improvement. I'm hoping that it'll get better in the next couple of weeks. If that's the only problem we have I count us lucky! We're still involved in Girl Scouts, though I'm going to try to cut back some on my involvement. This is Alexa's last year with this troop and I really feel that if I back out of the picture a little, she'll become more independent. We just got some new scouts after sign-ups and one of the new girls' mother actually has leader training, which I don't, and I think she's itching to get involved with this troop. Hallelujah!! I really like Julie (the leader) and I've enjoyed the girls so very much, but I'm ready to pass the torch.

Thierry got his drivers' license before he left for Belgium. Now we have to add him to the insurance, which is going to be expensive even though he's almost 35. I guess they consider a new driver risky no matter what the age. The coverage we have now wants to charge us $2,400 per year to add him to the policy. I think that's outrageous and I'm of course going to shop around to see if that's standard for all companies or not. We may just have to bite the bullet on it!

Yup, I turned 40 last month. I kept meaning to log on and do an entry on it, but it really wasn't any big deal. The folks at work were fun about it. I didn't get the black streamers, but I did get a "Big 4-0" balloon in my cubicle. They did a cake and took me out to lunch and almost everyone in the office spoke to me at some point that day. Thierry and I went out to dinner a couple of days before and then took Alexa out with us on the night of my birthday, but that was the extent of the celebrating. I was fine with it, and I still feel like I'm about 22 in my head. I hope that never changes!

I guess that's enough updating for now. Alexa and I are going to see my parents this weekend and we need to get going. See me later!
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