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Thierry has definitely been gone too long (he's been gone 2 weeks, is due to return day after tomorrow). When I went to brush my teeth last night before bed, a small spider had built a web in his sink (we have a double vanity). I almost left her there because I thought it would be funny for him to come home and find it there. I decided not to, though, because I would get creeped out if she disappeared just as suddenly as she appeared. Sorry, I just don't care for spidery surprises.

Maybe you folks who've had cats for a while can enlighten me on something. I've only ever had dogs, guinea pigs, hamsters or gold fish as pets... Felix is my first cat. He has an odd habit of rubbing his face, particularly the side of his mouth, on my bare toes... I mean like I feel his teeth rubbing on my toes. Kinda icky, I know, but it really is more odd than anything else. I know that cats will mark their space by rubbing their face on it, but he has a real affinity for my feet. He also has this habit of giving me what I guess are "love bites", usually on my lower legs. He does this when he seems to want my attention... mostly when he wants to be petted. He's not being aggressive-- he could definitely bite me harder but he doesn't. I try not to reward that behavior by petting him when he does it-- I usually put my finger on his nose and firmly say "no biting!" then try to ignore him. I make sure I pet him when he seeks my attention in more positive ways, like rubbing up against me or butting his head into mine (he likes to get on the back of the couch and do this). I guess this is all cat behavior I need to get used to!

Oooh! "Great Things About Being Fat" is about to start on Bravo. I'm gonna check it out and hope it's not too offensive. If it is I'll switch it to Pimp My Ride... that's always fun!
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