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Quickie post....

Sheesh, time flies! Jacqui was super sweet and posted a "happy birthday" in comments on my last post... which is more than 6 months old!! So I guess I better update a teeny bit.

All is still well here. Alexa just started 7th grade and, while she wasn't really looking forward to the new school year (no more being a summer bum, sleeping 'til noon!) she seems to be settling in well and has some friends in her classes this time. She's a total nut about Pirates of the Caribbean, so I can buy her anything with Orlando Bloom on it and she'll swoon from happiness. Oh, to be that young again!

Speaking of that, I turned 41 last week... holy crap!! I still can't believe that, because in my head I'm only about 22. My 20 year college reunion is NEXT YEAR. Time has to stop flying like that, or I'm going to have to hit it with a hammer to try to get it to slow down.

I'm still doing really well at my new (now old) job at Amerisure. The people are still great and while the claims are claims wherever I go, it's such a relief to work for someone who's crazy-fun, not crazy-scary. In fact, I wrangled my friend/former co-worker Cathy away from Gallagher Bassett. She was on the same track I was when I was there-- got promoted from adjuster to supervisor not long after I did, so we commiserated a good bit and tried to keep each other sane while I was still there. Well, someone at Amerisure left last month so I immediately called Cathy to let her know... she applied, and actually got the job!! I'm so excited to be working with her again, not to mention the "finder's fee" bonus I'll get... woo hoo!!

Well, I'm being paged to join my hubby on the couch for snuggle time. Love & hugs to all of you!
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