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I peeked in here to finally post an update, then LJ ate my post! Now I can't log back on. Damnit!! I'm doing this one in LochJournal just so I can get something down since it's already been toooo long since I updated.

All is okay with us. Alexa is sick and I'm coming down with it this morning. It's not your typical cold, but thank goodness it's not the flu either. When she woke up with a fever, cough and headache on Thursday I called in to work and then trotted her off to the doctor. They can now do a nasal swab to check for flu... I had no idea! She wasn't real thrilled about it, but at least it wasn't a throat culture. That would have required me lying across her if they had wanted one of those. As it was, I stood off to the side holding her hands so that she wouldn't slap the doc's hand away before he could get the swab (apologies to any of you who may be eating). Now I just have to hope Thierry doesn't come down with this, as he's headed off to Belgium next weekend to visit his family. Flying for 8 hours in a jet when you're sick SUCKS! I know-- I did it when I was in college. Even worse was after I developed one of those uncontrollable morning coughs a few days into our trip. I finally couldn't take it (and I know my travelling companions were even more fed up) and found a pharmacy in Vienna. The pharmacist and I didn't speak the same language, but my hacking finally got the idea across and I walked out with a bottle of nasty-ass licorice flavored crap that BARELY worked. It's a great story, though! I'm now feeling a bit feverish myself, so it appears I will be calling in sick tomorrow. Too bad I'll really be sick :o(.

I'm still loving my current employer, particularly my boss. They love me, too, which is a bonus. I like it even more now that I managed to bring over a former coworker of mine from GB, and our friendship is developing nicely. She is much happier here, too, so I know it's not just me. When either of us starts getting bummed by the job (what we do pretty much sucks most of the time no matter what company you're working for), we remind each other just how much worse it was at GB. We're a good reality check for each other, and keep one another grateful for what we do have now.

I'm considering starting a separate blog, for cooking and food and stuff like that. I love that stuff (anyone who's seen my ass KNOWS that!) and I really enjoy reading food blogs. I don't kid myself into thinking I can compete with some I've seen, but I'd like to give it a try. I just don't think this is a good place for it, though. Thierry has a "political" blog on Blogger, and I'm thinking about setting something up there. If I do decide to try it out, I'll post a link here for anyone who might want to check it out.

Yikes. Definitely getting a fever now, and feeling more and more rotten. Good thing I have some books to read. I need to go make a cup of tea and take some Advil for my head and fever. Ah, there's Alexa hacking away in her room. I need to check on her, too. I hope all of you are well and I apologize for my very sporadic updates... I miss you guys!
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