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Wow. I think I may have hit a record-- almost 2 years since my last update? I haven't hit the LJ button on my toolbar in a very long time, obviously! I poked around some and see that Alby is still alive and kicking... hope I haven't given you a heart attack by finally posting out of the blue like this. :o)

No really big changes in my life, at least not any that come immediately to mind. Alexa is now a sophomore in high school (she'll be taking driver's ed this year-- unbelievable) and is doing okay. She's never been a fan of homework so that's always a struggle, but she's developed a love of reading that makes a lot of classes easier than if she hated to read. Thierry is well, and treats me better than I deserve (as always!). He became a US citizen last summer so he was able to vote in the "big election" and he was able to turn his political volunteering into a paying job on the Obama campaign. He worked SOOO hard and the victory meant a lot to both of us-- all of his work paid off, and it made all the time he had to spend away from us worth it.

I'm still happy at Amerisure, and it will be 5 years this coming January. Time really does fly faster as you get older! Still doing work comp claims, and it's still never boring. Tonight I was reading over some of my old posts about my time at GB, and it's amazing how much of that stuff I had forgotten-- the utter misery and helplessness I felt. Reading those entries tonight made my stomach knot up all over again. I am truly blessed to have ended up where I am now.

Soooo... who all is still out there in LJ land???
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