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Gaaahh! I'm *hating* this full moon!!

I took yesterday off of work... it was Alexa's last day of school, and last day of 5th grade. She's moving on to middle school next year. I did manage not to cry (it was tough!) and therefore did not embarrass my child. We were able to take her home at the end of the awards program and she wanted Olive Garden for lunch, so we drove up to Concord Mills... insanity, especially during Race Week, but what the hell. We had a great lunch, then when we went to leave I realized I didn't have my car keys (huh?) so I asked Thierry to check and see if I locked them in the car while Alexa and I went to the ladies' room and checked in there. Nope, not there. When we came out, Thierry was by the door and said "Yup, they're in the car... even worse, it's still running." D'OH. I have no idea how I managed to do that, but since neither of them noticed it either when we got out, I didn't feel TOO bad about it. Had to call AAA because I did lock it by hitting the lock button when I got out. They were there in less than 30 minutes and had it open in less than 5. Thierry wanted to get some paint at Lowe's so we were driving there when the "check engine" light came on. It *has* been acting up recently so I wasn't really surprised, especially not after I left it running in park for about an hour. I stopped at the shop and ended up waiting there for 3 hours while they worked on it. $300+ later, it was "fixed" so we came home. When I started it this morning to go to work, it stalled out every time I took my foot off the gas. I finally got it to where it wouldn't cut off, so I took it BACK to the shop, called my boss and told her I'd be late. An hour later, they told me some throttle hose thingie needed to be replaced and that they had to order the part. Since they missed it yesterday, they very "kindly" aren't going to charge me any more labor, I just have to pay for the part... plus take it back in tomorrow (if the part arrives) to get it installed. Sheee-it.

And work was HORRIBLE today. I am so far behind and with it being the full moon and all people were calling with all kinds of stupid crap all day. My claimants are mostly out of control-- not complying with medical treatment, not keeping me up-to-date on their status, not cooperating with vocational rehab, etc. This job has definitely taught me that most people (at least most people who file workers' comp claims) are dishonest to some degree... some more than others, but good grief, what a bunch of liars!! They suck at it, too. Most of the time I don't let it get to me (I can't afford to) but for some reason it all worked my last nerve today. Pppfffffffbbbbbbtttttt. I'm just glad tomorrow is Friday and Monday is a holiday. If I can get an extra day or two of rest, it'll put me in a much better frame of mind.

So, tonight I needed a laugh and I saw that MTV is now running that "Britney and Kevin: Chaotic" show. Thierry and I are watching it right now, as I type. This is just amazingly bad. Could they BE any more white trash??? I guess I shouldn't be surprised that Britney is socially retarded. Her emotional development stopped when she was about 12 or 13. Oh, and in the REAL world (not "reality world"), asking the people who work for you about their favorite sexual positions constitutes sexual harassment. Also, I'd like to know when Kevin last took a shower/bath, much less washed his hair.... nevermind. I probably really DON'T want to know that. Thierry just gave up on this and has gone to play a computer game. I'm enjoying watching this because it makes me feel so freakin' superior, even with my redneck South Carolina family! The scenes from the next show look even more trashtastic. I like the security guard, though... he saw Kevin for what he was-- an opportunistic scum bag. I really feel sorry for their child.

Yikes... it's late! I've gotta go wash up and get to sleep. Nighty-night!
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