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Look what I got today

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I had actually forgotten that I requested this... I signed up for it MONTHS ago (I can't even remember exactly when, just that it was a long time ago). Since I didn't make a donation, though, I'm not complaining. I think it's cool in how it shows how you're interrelated with your LJ friends. They're even more interesting for people who have larger friends lists, though they can be overwhelming if the friends list is very large. Just something kinda cool and interesting!

This week at work turned out to be a pretty good one. I managed to settle four claims total, which is damn good. I wish I could settle more. I have more pending claims to handle than I'm really comfortable with, but my caseload is still FAR better than it ever was when I was an adjuster at GB. Even so, I still have about 20 more claims than I'm supposed to... at least according to what I was told when I interviewed for this job. I know that companies lie in interviews, but it still bothers me. At least my supervisor isn't psycho or a pathological liar and mind-game-player. It's really nice to not have to worry about whether she took her meds today or if I'm going to have to try to hide out in my office all day to avoid her. There are still issues in this office, don't get me wrong. I've never worked anywhere that there weren't issues, and that's all part of working with human beings. I'm just glad to be out of the psychological warfare zone!

This weekend I'm not sure what we're going to be doing-- staying here at home like the bums we usually are or going down to SC to see my parents. It's been a while since we went down there so I'm starting to feel a little guilty about it. I dunno that we'll be able to get going in time today, though, to make the trip down there worth it. Thierry didn't come to bed until after 4 AM and when that happens he can sleep until 2 in the afternoon. That would mean we probably won't get on the road until after 4:00, making our arrival time there around 6:30. At least I'm off work on Monday, so we wouldn't have to leave by any particular time on Sunday. Hmmmm. I'm just going to play this one by ear today. I'll call my mom at about noon when I know I won't wake her up and see if she's up for the visit. Sometimes she's just not. I can't tell you how many times we've gone down there just to end up watching her sleeping in her chair for most of the weekend. I'm thinking that sometime this summer I'm going to take some time off work so I can spend more time down there with them. Mom could certainly use the help around the house. Thierry usually ends up miserable on these visits-- his allergies kick up down there and he just doesn't have any fun. If I do the long-weekend thing then I'll probably just go down there with Alexa. Something to think about.

Whoa... I just looked up to see a guy with no shirt squatting down in our yard. What the hell???
Got up to check it out and his dog apparently got away from him and he was trying to get him/her to come back. He ended up chasing the dog through our yard, but he got it back. That dog better not have dumped a load in our yard or Thierry will be pissed. I watched the guy walk the dog home and he lives up the street behind our house. I saw what house he went into, so if Thierry DOES find a load in the yard, we know where to deposit it... hehehe!

Okay, I've run out of crap to blather about so I'm signing off. Hope everyone has a fantastic Saturday!
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