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Just some stuff

I spent today freezing my ass off in a continuing ed seminar at Adams Mark hotel... and I even wore a sweater figuring that the conference room might be chilly. Next time I'm wearing thick socks and thermal underwear, even if it IS June.

KFC honey bbq wings aren't really wings, and they definitely aren't good... blech. Every time I go there I swear I'll never go again. I think I really mean it this time. They have absolutely nothing I like. What a waste of calories and money.

Look what Thierry spotted on our porch railing earlier this week:

It's a luna moth. The picture doesn't do it justice-- it was the loveliest shade of green, and the markings on its wings were so sharp and colorful. Considering they only live for about a week and have no mouth (they live only to mate... imagine that!), I felt blessed to have seen it. It stayed on our porch all day and was gone the next morning. I only wish I could have seen it in flight.

I'm tired and grouchy so I'm going to go read customers_suck. That usually cheers me up!
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