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Man, am I skeeved out right now. Alexa went to bed over an hour ago and I've been cleaning ever since... not like a mad-woman or anything, just sort of leisurely straightening up, cleaning the counters, etc. In the kitchen I noticed we've got an invasion of ants going on. It's because it's been so dry here (no real rain in about a month or so) and they're coming inside looking for water. It's happened before (when we were having a drought right after we moved here) and it's not so bad I guess, but it still irks me to go into the kitchen and see them all over the place. I'm mashing 'em as fast as I see 'em but I know it'll just take time (and a good rain) before they go away.

The thing that really got me was on the front porch. I put the trash bags out there until I could take them down to the rolling cart in the morning and as soon as I opened the door I noticed a medium sized spider in the bottom right corner of the door. As I looked down to check it out I saw another spider had built a web a few inches away between the bottom of the door-jamb and the porch itself. I glanced at it and was fixing to get a shoe to mash them both when I got a better look at the second spider, and didn't like what I saw. The porch light wasn't quite bright enough so I went to get Thierry's Mag-Lite so I could get a good look... sure enough, she was sleek and black,there was a red hourglass on her belly and she was just plain evil-looking. If you've ever seen one for real you know exactly what I mean. I still can't believe there was a black widow RIGHT outside my door. Not very big, but when it comes to those I really don't care WHAT size they are. I hate using it, but I went right for the Raid and practically drowned her and the other spider (her mate, maybe? Not yet dinner?). I'm glad I found it tonight before Alexa maybe accidentally brushed against the web on her way out the door in the morning or something. I'll be going out before her tomorrow and checking to be sure there are no other nasty residents. I can't stand the idea of the chemicals involved, but when Thierry gets back I'm going to talk to him about maybe calling an exterminator. I can't stand the idea of a nest of black widows even more than the chemical thing. Sheesh! I *still* have the heebie-jeebies from it. My skin will probably crawl and itch all night long. Please, God, I don't need anymore early Halloween surprises!
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