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Alexa's "cake" turned out pretty yummy, but she didn't like it. I don't think it was quite sweet enough for her and it's really rich. Thierry and I are really enjoying it, though! Fortunately, she did get regular cake at the Girl Scout get-together on Saturday-- the leader baked it for her.

I had a great Valentine's Day surprise. Thierry went out on Monday night, I thought to do some stuff at the Democratic Party headquarters where he volunteers. Turns out that sneak stole the security badge to my office, went there an decorated my cubicle for VD... it was really sweet and made everyone else at work jealous... heee! We're going out to dinner tonight-- last night would have been too crazy with everyone else going.

I had fried chicken and waffles for lunch yesterday... and it was yummy!! I've heard about that but never tried it, and when I got the chance to yesterday I took it. I'm definitely having that again sometime.

That's all for now... time to head out to the salt mines!
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