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Look everyone.... it's a weight Nazi!!

I discovered this in spookygal's journal:

First off, I'd like to say that I love Google! I entered this woman's name (Meme Roth) and found that while she's promoting her anti-fat agenda, she really has no qualifications or authority to comment or give an opinion on another person's weight, body-shape or size and how those things relate to "health" or, as she puts it, "unhealth"... wow. That term gives me the creeps because it's so Orwellian. From what I could find about her on the internet, her promotion of her "movement" stems from her own fears of becoming fat. She advocates giving up friends who don't share her obsession with thinness, and seems to think that one of life's greatest accomplishments for a woman is to continue to be able to fit into her wedding dress years after the wedding. One of her justifications for her twisted views on body-image is that years ago, she was a Van Halen fan and met Eddie Van Halen, who apparently told her not to ever get fat. Ummm... can we all say "pathetic"? I really wouldn't be taking "health advice" from him. The fact that she was on FauxNews does nothing to lend her any credibility whatsoever, although from this page on her site, she apparently believes that the more she yaps to the media, the more credibility she has. As far as her opinion on Jordin Sparks, the first thing I thought was "Jealous, much??". That girl is drop-dead gorgeous and, I think, literally *glowing* every time she's on camera. Not exactly unhealthy, yet Ms. Roth says Jordin is the picture of diabetes, heart disease, blah blah blah... HUH??? Oh, and why would someone with a perfectly lovely name, Meredith, use the name "Meme" when she is purporting to be an authority on anything? It sure doesn't make me inclined to take her seriously.

She is a sad, shallow, nag who should consider herself lucky that she can spend her life obsessing in public about something as unimportant in the big scheme of things as other people's appearance. Oh, and she's a major fucking asshat, too.

I just finished eating my supper: Linguine carbonara, with lots of bacon and eggs and cheese, along with a slice of homemade bread slathered with butter. What made it even better is my satisfaction in knowing that her sitting home starving herself may be keeping her ass narrow, but it sure isn't winning her any friends. By the way, I am not diabetic, my blood lipids are perfect and my blood pressure is exactly where it should be. AND, I can't fit into my wedding dress anymore... because now it's too big for me!! Piss off, Meme Roth.
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